A new personal site – about my blogging choices

ImageThe time came when I’m leaving my old site so I must choose where to publish my articles. I have created a blog at blogger.com, but I’m not still decided, which place is the best for me. My requirements are:

  • have third level blog domain name (honyczek.domain.tld),
  • can make backup of my articles,
  • site without advertisements,
  • enough of disk space (although there is a time of Google Drive, Rapidshare, etc. it is not so necessary),
  • nice design,
  • option to publish articles from my cell phone’s browser/app.

There are some popular local blogging services like webnode.com, blog.cz or idnes.cz, but I wasn’t sure with communities around them. They doesn’t fit to my site topics.

For example, I’m fan of Free and Open Source Software and Linux, so I could to choose one of (local) linux communities like root.cz, abclinuxu.cz. But sometimes I write about Microsoft world too. So it would not be ideal. The next thing is that I would have a tendency to lead myself to have a perfect form of articles. So it would end with a lot of drafts and none articles. (I’ve been still writing an article for linuxexpres.cz for more than one year)

Now I’m trying to choose by publishing some articles on a few blogging platfoms and collect my impressions and tips from my readers.

Do you have any recommendations or tips  for me?


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